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(1) July 01, 2014
Anonymous said: Is there anyway you can find the meshes to compulsive d's dreadlocks I've been searching for hours I keep finding recolors and textures but the people won't upload the mesh with the post they just give the link which is expired I'm trying to do a sims 2 music video for wicked games by the weeknd and the short dread style matches the closest with his hair in the video :(

Sorry, you’re gonna have to be more specific, I don’t know who compulsive d is. Can you link me to a recolour so I know what the mesh looks like?

(2) June 25, 2014
yungbabez said: hey, your blog is so lovely, thanks so much! btw, i needed to say that i was going to download some hypnotizedsims's hair and all links are broken. for example: /post/25704808025 or /post/25771645007. is there any other way to download it instead of going to her/his site? :(

The domain for Hypnotized Sims has changed to All you have to do is change to the above URL and the link will work. 

I will try to go through the links I have and fix them but if I don’t just changing the URL works fine.

(2) January 26, 2014
jubilantmermaid said: Do you by any chance know if Milano Sims is safe? Thanks so much. ^_^

Yes, Milano Sims is definitely safe. Many people download from them, including myself.

(0) January 26, 2014
alltime-jesus said: Hello ^^. I might sound so noob right now, but I really love the stuff you guys are displaying on this blog, but I can't seem to find a link or such like to download them D;.

Nothing on this blog has been made by me (unless stated). All this blog does is provide links to downloads of hair. If there are broken links and downloads don’t work anymore let me know and I will upload a mirror.

(0) January 26, 2014
Anonymous said: Are all of the things you post still available to download and use on sims 2 even though they stopped making the game?

Of course. The game is the most stable it’s been since they stopped working on it. CC will keep coming for it for years to come, so don’t worry about that.

(0) January 26, 2014
Anonymous said: Is this just a picture? Or you can download it? Thanks! :)

All posts provide a link to the download page of the hair. If the link is broken or the download doesn’t work anymore, let me know and I’ll upload a mirror.

(2) February 04, 2013
kindofawkward said: Maybe you should give people the option to subit their own posts to this blog. Would mean less work for you to constantly search for new hairstyles and the blog would probably contain even more hairstyles. Just an idea ^-^

Submissions are actually open, they have been since the blog has been opened. There just isn’t a visible link to it, unless you go to the About page. I’ll get an easier to see link up as soon as I get time. We’ve actually had a number of submissions before, it’s just rather quiet at the moment.

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